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Executive Consulting

What sets Epiphany Consulting apart from other executive coaching and consulting firms? Epiphany Consulting works with individuals and teams by embedding themselves within the organization, understanding the complexity of the issues and urgency that goes on in a company. Tackling multifaceted situations and problem solving, Epiphany manages the job from the beginning to completion.

Epiphany Consulting provides services to corporate industries, government sector, city officials, non-profit, health care, banking, and entrepreneurs. Epiphany Consulting assists companies and people in optimizing their potential for organizational development, boosting communication efficacy, implementing corporate social responsibility best practices, developing business, building sustainable infrastructures, planning strategically, and improving resource development.

Epiphany Solutions

Epiphany Consulting offers real world experience and expertise in developing people, brings effective solutions to problem solving, and partners to create innovative, lasting results with clients.
  • Executive Services
    • Facilitation
    • Executive Coaching
    • Leadership Assessments
    • Performance Management
  • Leadership Solutions
    • Competency Development
    • Social & Emotional Development
    • Building Trust & Credibility
    • Inspiring Others
  • Consulting Services
    • Organizational Change
    • Succession Planning
    • Business Development
    • Organizational Effectiveness
    • Mentoring Programs
    • Organizational Assessments
Results show that continued employee development builds confidence, improves credibility, and advances staff knowledge while strengthening the core competencies needed. By consistently developing staff’s talent, organizations benefit from staff’s valued contributions in problem solving, leadership, improved effectiveness, and innovation.