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What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a methodology designed to manage change, create programs, and respond to resistance to change.

Why Six Sigma?

It helps organizations of all sizes to understand why some people are afraid of change and resist it. We introduce our clients to a number of techniques that are shown to be effective in helping staff overcome resistance. Our clients learn about coaching, mentoring, motivating, and various management and leadership tools that help in the process.

Who uses it?

Change management is a huge factor in a company’s ability to succeed or fail depending on how well they implement and manage change before it begins. Industries and companies recognize change management as a critical best practice and make it a part of their culture to produce the best results, outcome, and execution from the very beginning. Organizations who manage change instead of reacting to it experience a more cohesive, productive, and positive work environment.

What's the value stream of Six Sigma?

Our clients realize the impact change has on staff, productivity, attitude, and motivation. We have worked with organizations that have decreased spending by 25% and increased staff retention by 15%. The ability to foresee potential disasters before they happen and plan accordingly is epic.

Contact us today to learn what needs to be done both behaviorally and structurally to make change stick.

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