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Client Testimonials

"Epiphany Consulting Solutions is the company you want on your side."

"Putting your company in the hands of an advisor is a big step for any organization. Engaging Laura Perez as our business advisor and executive consultant gave us the perspective and reality-based analysis we needed to clearly plan our strategic path for the next ten years. We are a lean organization. Laura helped us identify holes in our processes and restructured our team to work more collaboratively together. We are now more effective as a team - and as individuals."

"Laura's insight and business savvy without a doubt enabled us to strengthen our company."

Kathy Dana
Kathy Dana, Inc.

"Partnering with Laura has been an eye-opening experience. She provided us with a new outlook and perspective in the way we navigate our business, develop our people, and improve our processes. Laura cuts through the minutiae and gets to the root of what is really going on. She was able to work through complex situations, adapt to the environment and build instant rapport with our management team to engage and coach them, help raise their level of performance, reduce tension, and improve communication to foster a more cooperative environment. Her understanding of processes and systems was also of great value, boosting production by 33% and reducing our rejection rate by 40%. Laura provided us with realistic approaches that worked for our company and compliment what we do. Working with Laura was the right choice and a great return on our investment."

G. Freiley
General Manager
Spraytronics Company, Bay Area

"Our organization retained Laura's coaching services to work with our executive leaders. We could not be happier with the results of her work...Laura is a strategic thinker, problem solver and knowledgeable in her field and quickly gained the respect and trust of my team."

H. Berardi
V.P. Operations, San Francisco, CA

"Laura provided a holistic assessment for a global change management situation and was a superb mentor. She is great in prompting engaging, thought-provoking discussions. The results were nothing less than spectacular, under the given circumstances, in less than 3 months. Laura helped to produce brilliant results!"

R. Narayanan
Director, Silicon Valley

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