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Epiphany Consulting partners with senior executives of small to midsize companies to help identify and solve the people and process issues that prevent their business from reaching its maximum revenue and growth potential.

We don’t believe in quick Band-Aid solutions. Instead, we commit to assess and analyze what impacts performance and interrupts the flow of business, to uncover the critical core of the problem.

As a collaborative team we provide advice and perspective to make the critical, strategic decisions necessary to implement successful and sustainable solutions. We always strive to create a win-win outcome wherever possible.

We believe in professional expertise, collaboration, integrity and mutual respect.

Organization Transformation

Working collaboratively with small, medium, and large businesses as a trusted advisor for chief executives, senior managers, and individuals, Epiphany Consulting transforms your organization from the inside out by first changing the way your executives think and act, both individually and as a team.


Executive Consulting

Epiphany Consulting works with individuals and teams by embedding themselves within the organization, understanding the complexity of the issues and urgency that occur within a company. Tackling multifaceted situations and problem solving, Epiphany manages the job from the beginning to completion.


Career Management

Did you know that the average millennial 18-35 year old employee stays with an employer no more than 1.8 years? Working with companies and individuals, Epiphany Consulting helps clients recognize opportunities and provides support for personal learning and professional growth.



“Our organization retained Laura's coaching services to work with our executive leaders. We could not be happier with the results of her work...Laura is a strategic thinker, a problem solver, knowledgeable in her field, and quickly gained the respect and trust of my team.

H. Berardi

V.P. Operations, San Francisco, CA

You will definitely have a good start with us!

At Epiphany Consulting, we value relationships, rapport, and trust. Our pledge to our clients' success relies on our capabilities, expertise, accountability, and partnerships. We wholeheartedly believe in setting a high standard of work ethic, best practices, and social responsibility.

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